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Building a resource site for the contemporary Christian Singers and Musicians

Hummony is a musical Christian resource site aimed at bringing together and empowering singers, choirs, band, groups, music directors, heads of church music, Pastors, etc. through resource globally. It is an online musical choir community for the contemporary Christian singers and musicians set to bridge the gap in music knowledge. Hosea 4:6 my people perish for lack of knowledge. The HUMMONY community is set to impact, teach, inform and bring people together musically under one umbrella.

It is no news that our lives have been incorporated with technological advancement hence, this virtual project. This vision was birthed from the desire to improve the present state, redress the wrong ideology of singers and church music as well as harnessing various latent music skills and talents.

Due to the tight schedules and busy work lifestyle of most singers, choir, directors, etc. there exists little or no exposure musically. From the regular weekly bible study, rehearsal days, Sunday worship service, numerous impromptu internal church programs to external intermittent special church programs, most singers and musicians are unable to venture into other self-improvement musical activities like participating in musical concerts, seminars and workshops, music classes, etc. For those who opt to watch videos online, buy musical books, enrol for musical classes and perhaps make up for these tight schedules, how cheap does this come? If you are reading this, when last did you add to yourself musically?

 In this 21st century world where everything is going digital, learning and empowerment transcend beyond the four walls of the classrooms, studios, rehearsal venues- physical locations as far as music is concerned. There are more learners online (informal and formal) than in any physical location.

Finding oneself in a society or environment where people prefer and find it comfortable doing ‘their thing’, staying with their local way of life without reaching out further or aiming for something better musically is also a concern that needs to be addressed. Lots of singers join the music department, music groups/bands with little or no musical experience hence, the need for mentorship and empowerment.

The HUMMONY community will help singers bridge this gap and restore confidence. In 2 Peter 1:5 And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge…….

Hummony Community

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Join THE HUMMONY COMMUNITY!!! It’s time to grow and glow for the kingdom!



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