You are welcome to Hummony Academy. Here we develop and train individuals and choir in different areas of music. The Academy serves as a stop-gap for many who have lost touch and are unable to enrol for physical music classes. It is also for people who desire to learn a certain aspect of music to improve themselves. We have designed the academy such that the topics are tailored to meet individual needs, present status and time convenience.

Our area of focus is on basic music theory and other music-related topics. We encourage you to register below to enable us to access your level of musicianship, make recommendations and match your needs with the right resource.

The training duration ranges between 4 – 8 weeks subject to your assimilation rate and availability. Course outlines are designed in video links and texts. Should you wish to take this training further, we also recommend certified online courses, formal schools and music professionals.

In Hummony Academy is a branch of HUMMONY CONSULT. We help not only singers, choirs but musicians, churches, directors and pastors who wish to improve their music by planning and implementing seminars and workshops, training, resource, etc. We also engage in general training and development for church music leaders and help to develop training plans. Enrolment is completely free except for special request made.


Our facilitators and developmental staff are passionate Christians, music and management professionals as well as possessing years of experience in different art fields with proven success and track record in classical, indigenous and contemporary Christian music. 

Our skills and experience cuts across choir management, church music indigenous folklore arrangement and composition. Where there are performance gaps, we will not only help you fill them but maintain the standard and strengthening the ministry.

Visit our YouTube Channel and eBook page to see our latest books and resource articles.