Reaching out with our voices where we can’t be physically


Maximizing music with technology as an evangelical tool for the kingdom of God

Hummony virtual choir is a none physical online choir with the full features of a choir. The virtual choir is slightly different from the physical choir in that, it does not require so much rehearsal but individual practice. Singers sing and upload their songs. These uploaded songs are then collated, synchronized and produced like one. It is specifically for gifted singers who may not have the time to join their local physical choir.

As technology continues to advance and affect all spheres, we can’t but maximize its benefits to the fullest. The world is not just going global, the world is here with us. Hummony virtual choir is a global music interface with gifted singers all over the world using their voices to bring hope, restoration as well as preaching Christ. At the moment, it is only opened for a certain level of singers worldwide who are gifted and committed. Why not register to see if you are eligible below.